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Happy Birthday Macintosh!

Introduced 28 years ago today one of the most influential computers in history and to me. I started out with a 128K when I was six at my parents printing business and never looked back. After witnessing the birth, almost demise, the rebirth, and now the explosion of Apple products it has been interesting. I can't imagine life without the Mac and the changes Apple has brought about in the industry. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACINTOSH!!!!!!!!

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Fight for the Future PRESS RELEASE 1/20/2012



Fight for the Future

Tiffiniy Cheng
Holmes Wilson
(614) 465-6371
(508) 474-5248

January 20, 2012

Fight for the Future, which ran the largest organizing sites for the recent SOPA protests ( and, applauds the announcement that the Senate and House have postponed action on the proposed web censorship bills.

“We sent the MPAA back to the drawing board,” said Fight for the Future Co-founder Holmes Wilson, “But any law that lets the copyright lobby block our websites, censor our search results, or cut off our Paypal accounts--without even going through a judge--will be soundly defeated.”

“This was the largest online protest in history,” said Fight for the Future Co-founder Tiffiniy Cheng, “The MPAA was trying to quietly force this bill through Congress, but when internet users started paying attention, real democracy happened.  This is a watershed moment in the fight against lobbyists’ influence on politics.”

“The MPAA could have proposed a law to address copyright infringement,” said Holmes Wilson, “Instead, they proposed giving rightsholders veto power over online innovation and free expression.  At that point, it was just a matter of getting the public involved.”

A timeline of the SOPA protests:

Statistics from the January 18 protest:

Statistics from the November 16 protest:

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SOPA/PIPA Strike Sways Congress…

From 2600:

18 Jan: Congressional #SOPA supporters 80, opponents 31. 19 Jan: supporters 65, opponents 101. We are witnessing evolution.

And it looks like more are coming over!!!

Check out Propublica:

Where Do Your Members of Congress Stand on SOPA and PIPA?

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Google to Join Fight Against SOPA! You can TOO!!!

On January 18th, 2012 the internet is going on strike to stop the web censorship bills in Congress! Now is our moment— we need you to do everything you can, whether you have a website or not.


If you don't have a site contact your representative!!!


What is SOPA & Protect-IP? How do we STOP IT?!?!

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Find out more here:

Stop American Censorship

Electronic Frontier Foundation


Fight For the Future

If you are inclined voice your opining and help stop this bill!


Apps: AirDisplay by Avatron

Another must have app for me is AirDisplay. It allows you to use your iOS device as a second monitor. I love having the option to add some screen real estate just by wirelessly connecting my iPad. It has been great for multitasking and allows you to jump back in forth between apps without have to dig up that buried window. Another advantage is when used with spaces it acts just like any other display so you can have any number of vitual deskotps. The only draw back is that active window content on the iPad is a little to much to ask but that's to be expected.

If you can't live without a second display this app is for you. It is FANTASITC!!!! Grab it for $9.99

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2012 Bring on the Thunderbolt Peripherals

With vendors showing off their new gadgets at CES, I am really interested in the Thunderbolt devices coming out. Having the ability to add a second or third display to a MacBook would be fantastic. I've been using a Displaylink adapter for a couple of years now, and its great but not perfect. The toll on the processor is pretty high if you have any active content on the display. I currently have a 15" MacBook Pro but have really been thinking about an Air. Thunderbolt is really tipping the scale, I might just have to pull the trigger.


1/10th Scale Cray-1 Supercomputer!!!


From Hack a Day -

[Chris Fenton] needs your help. After constructing a 1/10th scale, cycle accurate Cray-1 supercomputer and finding a disk with Cray software on it, he’s ready to start loading the OS. There’s a small problem, though: no one knows how to boot the thing.

[Chris] posted a disk image for a Cray-1/X-MP with the help of the people at Now he needs your help – if you think you can reverse engineer the file system, [Chris] will pay handsomely with a miniature model of a Cray printed on his MakerBot. In any case, it seems like a fun challenge.

I cannot believe this project.  It is completely fantastic.  The work involved and the dedication to get it up and running amazing.  Best of luck, I hope to see it running some code in the near future!!!

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IEEE 802.11ac Looks Amazing

The IEEE has been working on the fifth generation of Wifi 802.11ac and it's finally here.  At an amazing 1.3Gbps this is a screaming protocol.  From what I've seen it will support speeds from 433Mbps to a whopping 1.3Gbps depending on the antenna arrangement and spatial stream.  With the speed of drives increasing and the demand for greater quality of content Wifi had to catch up, and it looks like it did.  At CES this week vendors are already promoting products that will support the new protocol by the end of 2012.

From D-Links Press Release:

D-Link's 802.11ac technology support underscores its ongoing commitment to provide the industry's most comprehensive home network connectivity, allowing consumers to enjoy an unlimited range of high-bandwidth and wireless streaming applications – from streaming 1080p HD and 3D content to a phone, tablet or PC more quickly, to sending multiple streams of video to a TV, to broader coverage with fewer Wi-Fi dead spots throughout the home.


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Citrix – Applications as a Service

Virtualization is everywhere today, but I am very interested in the idea of applications as a service. Especially in a bring your own device environment. The ability to provide a virtual desktop environment to a standard machine is fantastic, but the ability to pull down just the app you want is amazing. In the education environment this has a huge impact. For example we have 1000 or so Office 2010 licenses. After 3 o'clock rolls by almost all of them lay dormant. What if a student could use them at home over board band. Enter Citrix. We can now provide them with the application they use in the lab, maintain license control, and provide them with better access to technology. Helping fill the void of "I don't have that software at home". I think in the next couple of years the standalone installs are going to be a thing of the past, well I hope so.

The option to pushing out apps  to desktops, laptops, and even tablets is a fascinating idea.  One that I will be coming back to in the future.  All I can say is running Windows 7 and Office 2010 on my iPad is an amazing thing to behold.