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Amazing digital Prometheus sculpture

Prometheus_Bound_by_Scott_Eaton_c1996It's strange how one topic leads to another on the internet.  I was reading about Prometheus after the flame thrower post on wikipedia, and came across an amazing digital artist Scott Eaton.  Take a look at some of his other work.  As a none artistic person it is truly astonishing what some people can do.


Camera holster system by Spider

Just saw this over at engadget and it looks pretty interesting. I could see it being used quite a bit if you were using two bodies with a primary lens and another with a zoom. What will be interesting to see if this will take off. The only concern I can see right away is the camera dangling and then running it into something while your moving around.  Check out their website, and see what you think.

An Introduction to the SpiderPro Camera Carrying System from Shai Eynav on Vimeo.

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Poignant WSJ article on the state of the American economy

vI really enjoyed reading this article and felt it hit home on several issues.  It is very candid and raises some very interesting points.  I'm sure it could invoke a lot of feelings but debate in an open forum is a great way to evaluate ideas, and hopefully bring about change.



Hand of Man

I think the video says it all. That is pretty cool.

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100 Core Processor by 2010!

Tilera a M.I.T. spinoff that spawned a startup in 2007, will bring to market the first 100 core processor early next year. I was just getting used to quad-cores. :-) I don't think my Mac will be sporting one anytime soon, but there are some really cool applications for this chip. Can you imagine encoding dozens of 1080p H.264 HD streams simultaneously. Somebody show be an affordable dedicated Handbrake box!  Watch out Intel...


Windows Fail


Powered by Windows... No Coke for you :-)

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Apple rolls out some new hardware.

new_imacApple introduced a redesigned iMac, entry level MacBook, and Mini; and they all look pretty impressive.  I was a little disappointed to see the MacBook lose the FireWire port, but this seems to be the direction Apple has been heading for some time.

It's great to see the Mini entering the home or small business server market.  It could definitely fill the niche where an Xserve or Mac Pro would be overkill.

The new 27" iMac looks awesome and with the ability to connect a display port equipment Mac and use it as second display is great.  Here's hoping Apple keeps up the trend with great new hardware and software.



Well I never thought I would do this but here it goes.  Hopefully over the next few weeks I will be adding content and making changes to the blog.

I plan to mix my professional life and personal obsession with technology here, providing incites into what I do and how technology can do more then you expect...

In the words of Pink Floyd: "Is there anybody out there?" :-)

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