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How do I uninstall an Application in OS X? Enter AppZapper.

appzapperThat's a good question.  For the most part you would just simply drag the app to the trash, empty, and voila.  But did you know that app might have left behind support files, caches, and preference files.  Now if you want ubergeek points you can remove these by hand, but there must be a better way right?  Enter AppZapper the uninstaller Apple forgot.  Catchy, but I can't take credit for their slogan.  :-)  And it couldn't be simpler.  Just drop your app into the AppZapper window, press zap, and your done.  Simple, the way it should be on a Mac.  Give it a try.  They give you five free zaps and its only $12.95 with free upgrades for life.  It doesn't get any better then that.

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