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‘Karmic Koala’ – cause update, effect headache

ubuntu1Looks like the early adopters out there might have been bitten by the koala.  Ubuntu's latest update seems to be having some issues.  I am glad that I haven't updated yet.  I think it's time to play the patch waiting game.

Ubuntu 9.10 is causing outrage and frustration, with early adopters wishing they'd stuck with previous versions of the Linux distro.

Blank and flickering screens, failure to recognize hard drives, defaulting to the old 2.6.28 Linux kernel, and failure to get encryption running are taking their toll, as early adopters turn to the web for answers and log fresh bug reports in Ubuntu forums.

Reg reader motoh delivered a warning ( on moving to Ubuntu 9.10 from version 9.04 - Jaunty Jackalope - in comments on our review of the new OS here ( "If you upgrade from Jaunty beware. You may have a rough ride. I made my mistake by trying too soon. Wait the usual month," motoh wrote. Angus77 at agreed ( "This is so frustrating! Jaunty was a snap to install."

[Via The Register]

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