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Apple versus Google???

With the iPad just days away, I just read and interesting post over at engadget.  It looks like the Apple/Google break may be closer then we think.  If you haven't been following Apple's mobile platform you might have missed the lack of flash on the iPhone and the upcoming iPad.  I believe in part flash is a pig of a plugin and Apple is in the business of selling content on a closed platform.  Google on the other hand is an open platform selling an experience and a different gateway to the web.  Google has announced that it will build in the Flash platform as a component of its Chrome OS.  There are a lot of similarities between the two companies.  They are both innovators and have built their market share by making the best product.

The conflict that will divide the two will be the overlap into the same sectors of technology.  As Google has branched out into the hardware sector it has begun stepping on Apple's toes.  Apple has been an end-to-end company from its inception, building the hardware and writing the software to run on it.  Google has always been up in the cloud.  Providing a service via software running on off the shelf hardware.  Now that Google has stepped out of the box it will get more interesting as more components of there hardware platform emerge.  Lets hope this won't turn into another Apple/Microsoft implosion.

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