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IEEE 802.11ac Looks Amazing

The IEEE has been working on the fifth generation of Wifi 802.11ac and it's finally here.  At an amazing 1.3Gbps this is a screaming protocol.  From what I've seen it will support speeds from 433Mbps to a whopping 1.3Gbps depending on the antenna arrangement and spatial stream.  With the speed of drives increasing and the demand for greater quality of content Wifi had to catch up, and it looks like it did.  At CES this week vendors are already promoting products that will support the new protocol by the end of 2012.

From D-Links Press Release:

D-Link's 802.11ac technology support underscores its ongoing commitment to provide the industry's most comprehensive home network connectivity, allowing consumers to enjoy an unlimited range of high-bandwidth and wireless streaming applications – from streaming 1080p HD and 3D content to a phone, tablet or PC more quickly, to sending multiple streams of video to a TV, to broader coverage with fewer Wi-Fi dead spots throughout the home.


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