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1/10th Scale Cray-1 Supercomputer!!!


From Hack a Day -

[Chris Fenton] needs your help. After constructing a 1/10th scale, cycle accurate Cray-1 supercomputer and finding a disk with Cray software on it, he’s ready to start loading the OS. There’s a small problem, though: no one knows how to boot the thing.

[Chris] posted a disk image for a Cray-1/X-MP with the help of the people at Now he needs your help – if you think you can reverse engineer the file system, [Chris] will pay handsomely with a miniature model of a Cray printed on his MakerBot. In any case, it seems like a fun challenge.

I cannot believe this project.  It is completely fantastic.  The work involved and the dedication to get it up and running amazing.  Best of luck, I hope to see it running some code in the near future!!!

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