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Pay for play Hulu, “maybe” not

hulu11Well maybe not yet, but I wouldn't hold my breath greed seems to outweigh most things these days.  But don't give up hope.

Contrary to widespread web reports, the wildly popular TV and movies streaming website Hulu is not planning to start charging for all its content — although you would certainly be forgiven for thinking so. On Oct. 21, a high-ranking exec. at News Corp., which owns Hulu along with NBC Universal and Disney, told a trade conference that “a free model is a very difficult way to capture the value of [Hulu’s] content,” positing that the site could start charging as early as 2010. That was enough to get the web all Twitterpated about Hulu’s entire beloved catalog falling behind a dreaded paywall.


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Hulu to Begin Charging for Content in 2010

hulu1Hulu why??? One of my favorite and free services may begin charging for content in 2010. If you're not familiar with hulu check it out. You can watch everything from campy sci-fi, 80's series, and current programming. So far they've been supporting the services on an advertisement based model but it looks like things are about to change. That's to bad, but depending how it plays out, it might not be a total loss.  We'll have to see.

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