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10.6.2 is out and breaks Atom support

sl-atomWell 10.6.2 is out I haven't updated yet, but the it looks like the seesaw support for the Intel Atom processor didn't make it in.

The move could present an obstacle for users attempting to configure 'Hackintosh' systems. Atom chipsets have been a common factor with a variety of Mac-clone netbooks, although a recent report suggests Apple has rejected the platform from consideration for future devices.

[Via electronista]

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10.6.2 Snow Leopard build may nix Atom Processor support

sl-atomWith Apple seeding the 10.6.2 build it looks like they may have disabled the support for the Intel Atom Processor.  If that is the case that would kill off the hackintosh netbooks based on the processor.  It will be interesting to see if it makes it into the official release or if this is just a bump in the road for netbook hackers out there.



100 Core Processor by 2010!

Tilera a M.I.T. spinoff that spawned a startup in 2007, will bring to market the first 100 core processor early next year. I was just getting used to quad-cores. :-) I don't think my Mac will be sporting one anytime soon, but there are some really cool applications for this chip. Can you imagine encoding dozens of 1080p H.264 HD streams simultaneously. Somebody show be an affordable dedicated Handbrake box!  Watch out Intel...