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Apps: AirDisplay by Avatron

Another must have app for me is AirDisplay. It allows you to use your iOS device as a second monitor. I love having the option to add some screen real estate just by wirelessly connecting my iPad. It has been great for multitasking and allows you to jump back in forth between apps without have to dig up that buried window. Another advantage is when used with spaces it acts just like any other display so you can have any number of vitual deskotps. The only draw back is that active window content on the iPad is a little to much to ask but that's to be expected.

If you can't live without a second display this app is for you. It is FANTASITC!!!! Grab it for $9.99

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10.6.2 is out and breaks Atom support

sl-atomWell 10.6.2 is out I haven't updated yet, but the it looks like the seesaw support for the Intel Atom processor didn't make it in.

The move could present an obstacle for users attempting to configure 'Hackintosh' systems. Atom chipsets have been a common factor with a variety of Mac-clone netbooks, although a recent report suggests Apple has rejected the platform from consideration for future devices.

[Via electronista]

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10.6.2 Snow Leopard build may nix Atom Processor support

sl-atomWith Apple seeding the 10.6.2 build it looks like they may have disabled the support for the Intel Atom Processor.  If that is the case that would kill off the hackintosh netbooks based on the processor.  It will be interesting to see if it makes it into the official release or if this is just a bump in the road for netbook hackers out there.



Pesky internet filter? Why not SOCK it with SSH

routeHave you ever been behind an internet filter and really needed to get to a filter url?  With a little prior setup it can be pretty easy to, well we'll say, bypass...

First you need a machine somewhere out on the net you have access to running SSH.  What is SSH?  If your running a Mac or a Linux box you already have it.  For the purposes of this tutorial I'll show you how to do it on your Mac.  The first thing to understand is that the remote machine either has to be directly connected to the internet (cable modem to computer), or you will have to enable port forwarding on your router.  Because port forwarding will differ from router to router I'll assume your computer is directly connected to the internet.

Now for the simple part, enabling SSH on your "home" Mac.  Just open System Preferences, click on Sharing, and check the Remote Login option.


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We're in the home stretch.  Your Mac actually tells you almost everything you need to know.  If you look under the status indicator it states "To log in to this computer remotely, type ssh 'username@ipaddress'".  Now one thing to realize here is that your IP will probably change from time to time.  So you may want to look at a service like dynamic dns.  It allows you to install a client or setup your router to update your ip address automatically so you can enter a URL like Instead of having to remember an IP that might change at any time.

Okay , now for the remote machine all you have to do is open the Terminal application (Applications -> Utilities) and enter the following command:

ssh -D 9000 username@ipaddress

Let's look at that command.  We are telling SSH to log into your machine using your username at the IP address that was supplied by the sharing window.  Then create a socks proxy (-D switch) on port 9000.  You can use any port you want but I would keep it over 9000.  You will be presented with a password prompt.  Enter the password that corresponds to the username on the remote machine.  If everything works out you should see a welcome to Darwin message and have a terminal session running.

All you have to do now is enter the proxy information on your computer.  Just enter the localhost address of your machine and port 9000.  Fire up your browser and give it a try.  If all went well you should be able to view the page that was being filtered.  Now there are a lot of things that could get in the way of doing this.  Allowed ports, setting up your router correctly, and so on.  But hopefully you get right out.  Good Luck!

Hack the future!!!

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Snow Leopard & Novell 6.5 Native File Access

snow-leopardWell I have been running Snow Leopard since it's release, and so far almost everything has been great. I have seen some issues with samba shares and geektool gives me the finger now and again, but the one thing that is disappointing is connecting to a Novell server seems to have gone away. I've enabled clear text passwords in the past with Leopard and everything came back but not this time. Hopefully the patch Novell released will take care of the problem. I'll cross my fingers.


How do I uninstall an Application in OS X? Enter AppZapper.

appzapperThat's a good question.  For the most part you would just simply drag the app to the trash, empty, and voila.  But did you know that app might have left behind support files, caches, and preference files.  Now if you want ubergeek points you can remove these by hand, but there must be a better way right?  Enter AppZapper the uninstaller Apple forgot.  Catchy, but I can't take credit for their slogan.  :-)  And it couldn't be simpler.  Just drop your app into the AppZapper window, press zap, and your done.  Simple, the way it should be on a Mac.  Give it a try.  They give you five free zaps and its only $12.95 with free upgrades for life.  It doesn't get any better then that.

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Apple Tablet… Vaporware?

mac_tabletWell there have been a lot of rumblings on the net about an Apple tablet. From Australian news outlets saying they've been contacted about such a device, to photos of actual components. Does it exist. Like all things will see when Steve wants us to, but here's hoping. I have never used a tablet but if my iPhone is any indication, we're in for a cool device. Being a little anal about my Mac. Writing and using multitouch gestures directly on the screen would take some getting use to, but things do and always change. There was a time when I said OS X, no way 9 for life! Now I can't even imagine going back.


Expandrive! What Apple left out…

expanddriveHave you ever wanted direct access to your online files?  Are you tired of the constant download and upload cycle of your FTP client.  Then look no further.  Expandrive is the answer just add your FTP, SSH, or Amazon S3 connection, and like magic a drive is mounted locally just like it was plugged directly into your Mac. I use it all the time for web development. It is great. Using BBEdit I can do a multiple file search and throw in the find and replace option and update all my pages at once.

If only the Finder would do this.  You can connect to a server using the Connect to Server option from the Go Menu, but unfortunately your left with a read only drive.  Maybe this is something Apple might change in the future, but for now Expandrive fits the bill.

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Mac Tips & Tricks

I had the pleasure of leading a session earlier this month covering my favorite subject Macs.  I hope everyone that joined me took something away from the session.  It was my first time at Bullock Creek and everyone was great!

If you missed anything here are the session files:

Mac Tips & Tricks Session Screencast

Mac Tips & Tricks Keynote

Mac Tips & Tricks Useful Apps