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2012 Bring on the Thunderbolt Peripherals

With vendors showing off their new gadgets at CES, I am really interested in the Thunderbolt devices coming out. Having the ability to add a second or third display to a MacBook would be fantastic. I've been using a Displaylink adapter for a couple of years now, and its great but not perfect. The toll on the processor is pretty high if you have any active content on the display. I currently have a 15" MacBook Pro but have really been thinking about an Air. Thunderbolt is really tipping the scale, I might just have to pull the trigger.


Apple rolls out some new hardware.

new_imacApple introduced a redesigned iMac, entry level MacBook, and Mini; and they all look pretty impressive.  I was a little disappointed to see the MacBook lose the FireWire port, but this seems to be the direction Apple has been heading for some time.

It's great to see the Mini entering the home or small business server market.  It could definitely fill the niche where an Xserve or Mac Pro would be overkill.

The new 27" iMac looks awesome and with the ability to connect a display port equipment Mac and use it as second display is great.  Here's hoping Apple keeps up the trend with great new hardware and software.