Deprovision Chromebooks with GAM by Serial Number

Have you ever needed to quickly and easily deprovision a bunch of Chromebooks. If you have a list of their serial numbers it’s a snap with GAM. You can copy and paste the code below into a local file. I chose Be sure to update the PATH to GAM and make the file executable using the chmod u+x option.


# Assuming the first line of the CSV is the header and serial numbers start from the second line.


[ ! -f $INPUT ] && { echo "$INPUT file not found"; exit 99; }
while read -r SerialNumber
  echo "Processing $SerialNumber..."
  # Retrieve the device ID using the serial number
  deviceID=$(“PATH TO GAM”/gam print cros query "id:$SerialNumber" | sed -n '2p')
  if [ ! -z "$deviceID" ]; then
    # Deprovision the device
    “PATH TO GAM”/gam update cros "$deviceID" action deprovision_retiring_device acknowledge_device_touch_requirement
    echo "No device found for Serial Number: $SerialNumber"
done < <(tail -n +2 $INPUT) # Skip the header

The script looks for the file deprovision.csv in the same directory as the script. Be sure the file begins with the header SerialNumber. Then each line can contain a serial number you wish to deprovision.